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Direct Charge RGB Rechargable Lithium Battery

1. Waterproof;

2. Adaptor;

3. WRGB Color Change;

4. Remote Control ; 

5. Size: 105mm

6. Leds Qty:8pcs RGB5050+8pcs W3528

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Direct Charge RGB Rechargable Lithium Battery


Leds Qty:8pcs RGB5050+8pcs W3528

Chip: DIP Led

Color: RF Remote control,WRGB LED (red,green,blue,white)

Input Voltage: 100-240VAC

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Rated Power: 12w

Waterproof: IP68

Host induction touch control

Charging Mode: wireless inductive

Charging Time: within 5 hours

Working Time: 8-16 hours or more

RF Range: more than 30m 


illuminated led furniture batteries spare parts

direct charge RGB rechargable lithium battery


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